Artist Biography

Enjoying artful expression throughout childhood, Marie's formal art study in drawing, painting, color theory and design
began at a small college in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She received her Degree in Art from Georgia State University in
Atlanta, Georgia. While working as an Interior Designer for twenty plus years, she continued to paint and exhibited her
work at various Buckhead Art Galleries in the city and online.

The challenges and rewards of painting have always been and remain a focal point in her life. Favoring the expressive mediums of
Watercolor/water media, her works reflect a lifelong appreciation of nature's beauty and an intuitive sensibility of how fragile
and connected we are.

Her current body of work began after relocating from Georgia to the Florida Panhandle in 2011. Her paintings now explore the
captivating beauty of the Gulf Coast and the extraordinary abundance and variety of it's wildlife...

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Statement: We are living in challenging times. Art can be a healthy distraction, providing solace on your wall or in a small
frame on your desk. An opportunity to enjoy a mental pause, or a mini vacation of a sort! I'd like to encourage
everyone to seek out artwork that makes you smile and enjoy!